We have a very large variety of items for rent in our rental pool. If you require a different item than listed below, feel free to contact us. Please call ahead of time to reserve your rental.

Monthly rentals based on a 4 week rental, weekly rates available on large items. A minimum 2 week rental on all items. Delivery and pick up services are available.


We take many items on consignment, from manual to power equipment. We charge a one time up front fee for cleaning and full assessment of your items. All items that require a removal must be done by Mountain Medical staff in order to see it as a functioning unit.

If you would like to put something on consignment, feel free to give us a call or come in and see us. If you have an item on consignment with us and would like to know the status of it, please send requests and questions to:

Rental Equipment:

Bathroom Items:
Bath chair/stool
Transfer Bench
Commode (must purchase pail)

Hospital Beds & Related Items:
Full electric bed with side rails and basic mattress (must purchase vinyl protector)
-solid deck beds available as well
Over bed table
Pressure mattresses
Alternating air mattresses
Trapeze bar (floor mount)
IV pole

Transfer Items:
Super pole (must pay install)

Wheelchairs & Accessories:
Wheelchair (16″, 18″, 20″ wide)
Reclining wheelchair (18″ wide)
Tilt chair (18″ wide)
Transport chair
Elevating leg rest
Padded lap tray

Power Chairs:
Power chair (16″, 18″, 20″ wide)
Elevating leg rest (each)

4 wheel scooter

Walkers & Accessories:

Aluminum 2 wheel walker (junior & adult)
Hemi walker
Knee walker

Oxygen & Accessories:
Tank & regulator
Oxygen fill

Canes & Crutches:
Cane crutch
Forearm Crutch

Lift Chairs:

Lift chair

Lift chairs have an additional charge for delivery and pick up.

Patient Lifters & Accessories:
Patient lifter
Portable overhead track systems (please call for pricing)

Eye Recovery Systems:

Eye recovery system (must purchase cover)

Eye System

designed for anyone that is scheduled to have Pnumatic Retinopexy or Virectomy eye surgery. After this highly sensitive surgery, Ophthalmologists strongly recommend remaining face down for a minimum of 16 hours per day, for up to 4 weeks. 

Massage chair
Image result for EYE RECOVERY CHAIR


  • Sit face-down position without experiencing back or neck pain
  • Foldable light-weight structure and wheels make transport easy
  • Adjustable torso and seat height to accommodate your body type
  • Washable aluminum frame and upholstery
  • Includes hygienic face cover
  • Includes face-down mirror

Cryo Coolers:

Cryo cooler (must purchase cuff)
-Aircast and Ossur models available

5 foot aluminum ramp (bi-fold)
Portable ramp system (please call for pricing)