Fall Alert and Prevention

Fall Alert Devices

Want to be notified if your loved one or patient has fallen? You can be notified on your cell phone, computer or have 911 dispatched using the SafeTracks GPS system. Our GPS feature will allow them to be located without having to move or push any buttons.

Safetracks GPS

The GPS component of this device will not only tell you if your loved one has fallen, but it will use the GPS to tell you exactly where they have fallen.

Safetracks GPS Personal Electronic Monitor

Trilock GPS Monitoring Watch:
Safetracks™ offers a reliable GPS Personal Monitoring Device and fall detection which is ideal for communicating and locating those with living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Autism, those suffering from PTSD, Lone Workers and other high-risk applications. (This product requires an activation and monthly fees).

Key Features:
SOS button
Fall detection
Up to 1-minute location updates
PING for updated location
2G/3G/4G connection variable reporting parameters
2-way hands free voice
Lockable clasp
Splash resistant
SafeTracks TrackNow™ Mobile App iOS & Android
Electronic Geo-Fence zones
Email and SMS notification
Rechargeable battery pack

Safetracks Blue Beacon

SafeTracks™ BlueBeacon™ expands GPS to provide indoor location monitoring when used in conjunction with the award winning TRiLOC™ GPS Personal Monitoring Device. Location data will be communicated using Bluetooth™ Low Energy (4.0) technology to the TRiLOC™ which in turn relays that data to the TrackNow™ location server. (This product requires an activation and monthly fees).

Specifications & Features:

Locate individuals indoors or in areas with poor GPS signal
Detect and send alert when individuals open a door
Easy to install and set up using smart phone App
Assignable location name (ex; apt 403, front door)
Range; 1ft (0.3m) to 100ft (30m)
Replaceable battery lasts up to 3 years
Weather resistant (IP53); Temp: +15F to +130F (-10C to +55C)
Dimensions; 1 ½” x 2 ¾” x ½” (38mm x 70mm x 12mm)
Requires TRiLOC™ GPS Locator

Wander Alarms

This motion-activated, infrared alarm requires no tools or wires and installs in seconds. Its many uses include: outside use to detect unwanted intruders, or inside use to monitor the wanderings of loved ones. The monitor can be placed up to 400 feet (122m) from the detection unit. Uses one 9V and 3 AA batteries (not included). Alarm loudness on low is 94dB and on high 106dB.

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Floor Alarm Mat With Transmitter/Receiver

The durable 23” Wide x 35” Long (58 x 89 cm) mat has an active sensing area of 17” Wide x 29” Long (43 x 74 cm) that sounds when a patient steps on it. The lay-flat edge is only 3/16” (5mm) thick so wheelchairs can roll over it without difficulty. Can be placed in hallways and doorways to sense movement. This product comes with a wireless transmitter/receiver which will trigger the remote alarm unit up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away. The remote unit sounds audio and flashes light. Alarm can be set to Low (85dB) or High (100 dB). The alarm continues to sound until reset or turned off. Batteries included.

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Waycom One Button Personal Caregiver Pager
You will no longer have to yell to get someone’s attention at home.
The Wireless Personal Pager allows you to page someone up to 500 feet away with the touch of a button in open area. (Indoor effective range is less than 500 feet)
Ideal for the elderly, handicapped, or sick to page their caregiver. Also good for massage therapists. The perfect answer to knowing for sure when the client is ready without waiting too long to enter the room or not giving them enough time before knocking.
The transmitter can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. Simply pressing a button on the transmitter will cause the receiver to beep.

Prevent falls by installing transfer aids

Bed Assist Rails
Please see the Mobility Aids page for more options.

Transfer Poles

Stander Floor to Ceiling Pole W/Curved Grab Bar

Stander Floor To Ceiling Security Pole

Sure Stand Floor To Ceiling Pole                                surestand_saying.png

You love the comforting feeling of your home, and now, with the Sure Stand Pole, you can have the support you need to stand safely without changing the look and feel of your home. The Sure Stand pole is tension mounted, so it can be installed anywhere in the home without drilling holes in your floor or ceiling. This pole can be mounted to angled ceilings!

Toilet Safety Frames, Bath Tub Rails, Bars and Chairs
Please refer to our Home Healthcare Equipment page for more details.

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Couch Cane

Couch Cane

Handy Handle

Ez Stand And Go

EZ Stand-N-Go

Prevent falls by incorporating various home medical equipment into your daily routine

Please see our Mobility Aids page to see our selection of walkers.

Lift Chairs
Please see our Mobility Aids page to see our selection of lift chairs.

Bath Lifts

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Hip Protectors
We carry a wide variety of hip protectors. Please contact us for more details.

HipSaver Open-Bottom

Furniture Risers

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Uplift Seat Assist

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