Vehicle Adaptions

If adaptive solutions or driving aids are what you need to get back behind the wheel, we are here to help. Some adaptations we specialize in are swivel seats, hand controls and left foot accelerators. Please give us a call if you require any vehicle modifications or if you have any questions.

Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator

Reduced Liability

Sure Grip’s new Left Foot Accelerator with electronic AutoLock was developed to limit if not eliminate your liability. By all but eliminating any chance the device can be used by anyone other than the intended user.


Sure Grip’s unique 15 second activation window only allows the accelerator to be activated for 15 seconds after vehicles start up. The accelerator will not engage after 15 seconds without a restart of the engine.


Sure Grip’s new accelerator is permanently mounted, eliminating the need for removal of the device to prevent unwanted usage. The accelerator mounts from above, and no longer requiring holes to be drilled in the floor of your clients vehicle. The OEM accelerator is manipulated via simple cable system.

Smart Design

The new Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator is constructed from rugged plastics and aluminum allowing for a light weight device. The overall unit is dramatically reduced in size versus tradition removable accelerators, all parts of the incredible smooth and sensitive pedal feel.

Electronic with AutoLock

Sure Grip Push/Rock

Left Hand

SAE J1903 Compliant

The original and the best, the Sure Grip Push/Rock system, has become known for its comfort, precision and overall safety.

Unlike other hand controls styles, the push/rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake. This unique rocking motion allows full-range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position.

Sure Grip’s Push/Rock controls are known for having the easiest gas in the industry today thus, allowing for hours of fatigue free driving. The push/rock style will give you the driving experience you have been longing for.

Sure Grip hand control designs prevents contact with legs or knees at higher speeds. The upright handle also allows the installation of controls in smaller vehicles or tight spaces other controls would not fit. Controls do not impede pedal use.

AutoLock is an accelerator lock out device that comes standard on all of Sure Grip’s hand controls, and is an added safety feature for the driver or those that share the vehicle. With the push of a button or knob, the accelerator function of the hand control can be disabled and help prevent accidents through misuse of the control by mechanics, valets or any other unqualified user. AutoLock is available in both electronic and manual formats.

Left - Push/Rock

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Veigel 3300 Push Rock

Our 3300 Push Rock comes standard with a removable handle for added safety. Removing the handle disables the hand control preventing other drivers from accidentally operating the hand control. The 3300 Push Rock hand control can be configured in two ways. Our newest version the HGL for Horizontal Gas Lever changes the placement of the gas lever allowing for more legroom and clearance for the driver. The VGL for Vertical Gas Lever is a traditional configuration for the Push Rock hand control. Both the HGL and VGL versions can be configured with any of the optional handles or hand grips as listed below.

  Traditional Handle

The traditional handle is the original design of the push rock hand control. Anyone driving with a push rock hand control for years will recognize this handle.

  Veigel Handle
The unique design of the Veigel handle limits the drivers ability to apply the gas and brakes simultaneously. Another key advantage of this handle design is that your hand is closer to the steering wheel and turn signal lever during normal operation.
  5″ Vinyl Grip
The 5″ Vinyl Grip is one of our most comfortable configurations. This grip is typically paired with the Traditional handle.
  Foam Grip
The foam grip is similar in shape to the 5″ vinyl grip, but the soft foam material provides a softer feel for sensitive hands. This grip is typically paired with the Traditional Handle.
  Soft Grip Knob
The Soft Grip Knob has a comfortable tear drop shape that is designed to fit in the palm of the hand. The soft rubber material does not get hot in the summer or cold in the winter and can be paired with the Traditional handle or the Veigel handle.

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